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Food Prep once a week makes

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

"Fail to prepare - Prepare to fail"

Big batch cooking once a week saves time and having to make excuses why you can't keep on track.

I prep everything at once freeze 1/2 of what I can and chill the other 1/2 in portions

-Purple Potatoes, Hitting the gym hard? I’ll snack on a sweet Potato within in 30mins post workout as their full of compounds that repair cell damage by training which replaces depleted glycogen stores.

-Boiled Eggs, to throw in salads, in Quinoa Tuna mix or to go packed in a zip bag to eat on the run between training myself or clients to stop hawker food winking at me

-Prepped Veggie’s (1 min micro Broccoli) and washed salad ready to grab and add to complete a balanced meal.

-My tasty Chicken Fillets recipe

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