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Bodybuilders Breakfast-Oats & Egg Whites

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

This is a recipe from my LYTE menu, the protein based cafe menu I had in Tenerife island opened in 2006.

High in protein, slow release energy carbs with low fats-Perfect pre workout meal!

(if i'm not training fasted I make this or use the same ingredients to make pancakes)


1; 1scoop (scoop found n a Protein powder tub or 40gr if macro weighing) of whole rolled Oats, add hot boiled water wait 2- 5 mins for it to swell.

2; Add 100gr or 4-6 egg whites

3; Whisk until frothy

4, Micro for 40-60 secs, whisk then repeat both steps again until the Egg whites are no longer clear.

5; Add Milk my faves are Almond or Lactose free skimmed

Optional adds; Almonds, chia or linseeds Protein Powder & prefer it cold like Muesli

(But I choose to live in hot countries so each to their own, Enjoy x)

This is the 2nd version of my Oats for Fitness Fuel, if this is to complicated (Yes some male clients like things more simple...really here is the 1st version, Beginners Breakfast- Fitness Fuel Food

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