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Mayling Ng

SAG-Aftra Member

Height: 5"7   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Very Long Brown/Blonde


Legend of the White Dragon   |   Tek Boh            | Bat in the Sun Productions

The Suicide Squad                 |   Mongal         | Warner Brothers

Debt Collectors                     |   Britt              | Compound B

Scorpion King                      |   Khensa         |  Universal Pictures

Wonder Woman                   |   Orana.          |   Warner Brothers 

Lady Bloodfight                   |   Svietta          |   Voltage Pictures

Mister John                          |   Yasmin         |  Askanga Films




Cabaret   |   Lead Dance   |   Sally Bowles  |   Everyman Theatre-UK​

War Cry   |   Viking Warrior  | Gaming |   Los Angeles

M Style   |   Fitness Host  | Brand New Media |   Singapore

Bushido Martial Arts TV  |  El Rey Network  |  LA

Pepsi Commercial  |   Kick Boxer   |  Hong Kong


Strike Force  |   Gamora  |  Marvel |   Los Angeles​

Lakers  |   Basketball Player  |  Mark Mullen |   Los Angeles​

Training & Workshops

    Acting Coach  |   Joe Ochman   |   (Los Angeles)



Dialect Coach  |    Jon Sperry   |     (Los Angeles)

Special Skills

Certified NRA License Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle. Certified Knife Defense
Martial Arts- Black Belt Shaolin Kung Fu, Taekwon-Do, Raw Combat Close Quarter Combatives, Kickboxing. Weapons - Kwan-Dao, Single Broadsword, Double-hand Broadsword, BO Staff, Nun chucks, Spear.


Sag-Aftra Wonder Woman Stunt Ensemble (Winner)
Arnold Classic (World Championships) 2013. (Ohio U.S.) Bikini Competitor representing

Female Champion Sports & Fitness Asia Expo 2013 (Singapore) Lady Hercules (Winner)

Singapore. SFBF (IFBB) Fitness Competition 2011 (Bikini Silver Champion)
DKNY James Bond Girl Competition (Winner)

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