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Mayling Ng is a name to know in Hollywood with several noteworthy acting projects. Starring in the DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures film "The Suicide Squad" from writer/director James Gunn as the character Mongal, a malevolent, orange muscular alien who doesn't play well with others especially Harley Quinn. You may already recognize Ng from the character of Orana in the DC Comics film Wonder Woman, as the Amazon charging into action off the cliff in the movie trailers. Ng also has an impressive fitness background as both a black belt Martial Artist and Figure Competitor representing Singapore in the USA.

Daughter to a Singaporean Chinese father and British mother, Mayling's appeal goes beyond her exotic looks and strong Amazonian physique. Born in the UK she spent her early years in the Canary Islands, Tenerife before moving to Singapore and now calls California home. Growing up in different continents has led Mayling to hone her understanding of various cultures, which she couples with her passion and single-minded pursuit to advance her acting career. Her previous film work includes Universal Pictures "The Scorpion King" and the Hong Kong/Hollywood co-production "Lady Bloodfight". She also has a lead role in "Legend of the White Dragon" which is set for 2022 release.

Ng brings a unique global perspective to the film industry that is fast getting the attention of studios playing strong warrior characters in nearly a dozen features films so far while doing her own action scenes, she is certified in 9 Kung Fu weapons, half way through the virtuosity of the Shaolin 18 Weapons arsenal.

A true world citizen, Mayling now resides in Los Angeles, traveling back to Europe and Asia whenever and wherever work dictates.


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