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Mayling Ng is an Actress, a black belt Martial Artist and Fitness Champion representing Singapore in the USA in 2013.

You May recognize her from the character of Orana in Wonder Woman the DC Comics film, as the amazon seen charging into action off the cliff in all the trailers, Mayling is forever grateful to Patty Jenkins who personally chose Mayling for her ethnically ambiguous and powerful looks as this led her to win a SAG AFTRA Award with the Wonder Woman stunt ensemble team.


Daughter to a Singaporean Chinese father and British mother, Mayling's appeal goes beyond her exotic looks and strong Amazonian physique. Born in the UK she spent her early years in the Canary Islands Tenerife before moving to Singapore and now calls LA home.
Growing up in different continents has led Mayling to hone in her understanding of various cultures, coupled with her passion and single-minded pursuit to master the virtuosity of Shaolin Kung Fu 9 Weapons,
she brings a unique global perspective to the film industry that is fast getting the attention of Hollywood playing strong warrior characters in 8 features films so far and doing all her own action scenes.

A lead in the Universal Pictures revamped Scorpion king movie-the Book of Souls (2018) as Khensa (the villain) filmed South Africa. Showing on Netflix the martial arts film Lady Bloodfight a female JCVDs Bloodsport in which she which was received very positively as the most physical ruthless villains as Svietta a Russian convict killer in the US/Hong Kong Voltage production (2015).


A true world citizen, Mayling now spends her time between Los Angeles, Europe, and Asia
whenever and wherever work dictates.


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